Very often, when reading a new book, we see only the information that lies on the surface, and completely do not notice what remains between the lines. In fact, the real depth and beauty of the work of art lies precisely in these elusive signs and symbols, which our attention misses. Thomas Foster, in his book The Art of Reading, described how to see the true idea that the author sought to convey, how to not lose sight of his true message, and how to learn to read between the lines. How to understand books. ”

About Thomas Foster
Foster Thomas Foster is the author of several books on Irish and English literature, a professor with many years of experience teaching classical and modern world literature at the University of Michigan.

Thomas Foster can be called bluntly a person who knows the sense in books, and who can read professionally.

The brief content of the book “The Art of Reading. How to understand books »
The book consists of an introduction, twenty-seven chapters, parting words and an application. In addition, in the final part of the work, an additional block includes a master class for readers, as well as thanks to the author.

Due to the large number of chapters and the high usefulness of the material, it is completely inadvisable to expound the contents of the book within the framework of the usual review. Thomas Foster’s book The Art of Reading. How to understand books, “written in simple and interesting language, necessarily requires a full reading. We have prepared for you the most important ideas of the book and practical advice of the author.

Read as a professor
Each book is a whole world, a journey into a completely different dimension, created by the author’s imagination, and skillfully flavored with a variety of images, interesting thoughts and, of course, hidden subtexts.

How to learn to see more than just text, get into the very essence of the book and feel what the author really wanted to convey to us? Thomas Foster willingly shares with you simple techniques, having mastered them, you can find the “key” to any literary work.

Read with other people’s eyes. Reading the book, we unconsciously look for it in a certain correspondence to the real world and likelihood. Try not to read with your own eyes, advises Foster. Find in the book a special point of reading that allows you to fully experience the historical, cultural, personal and social context that the author put into it. Try to be in the historical moment, about which the work narrates.

Do not forget the subtext. Never take everything described in the book literally. In fiction, the sun is never just a sun and rain never goes without a cause. Perhaps the rain informs you that soon spring will come? Reflect, look for relationships and try to feel the mood and atmosphere, which the author tried to convey in his work.

Do not get stuck next to the hero. In order to continue the narrative, it is important for the author to observe special requirements to the story. Each character is a piece of plot, a cog, allowing the narrative to move on. The plot is the characters in action, and if the plan requires victims, the hero can be eliminated, and can go through many tests. All this happens according to the logic of literature. In the artistic work, the heroes are assigned special roles, after performing which they smoothly bring the story to the finale.

About violence. Violence in the book is not a real life, it is always filled with additional literary meaning. It can have social or cultural connotations, be Shakespearian, biblical or allegorical, or maybe just a metaphor. In fiction, two main types of violence can be distinguished: copyright – it is harm or injury inflicted by one character to another in the author’s intention, and the plot – harming all the characters. Always remember that the possibilities and senses of literary violence are significantly greater than, say, the sun or rain.

Importance of geography. Geography in literature differs from the usual understanding of this science.
. Mainly, book geography describes not cities, plains, oceans or forests, but characters. People who live in specific parts of the world, and the influence of these corners on the people themselves. Geography, according to the author’s plan, can even become an independent character, play his own, no less important role in the plot. A talented author can make geography open a separate topic or symbol in the story, in other words – make it work for himself. The environment described in the work serves as a conduit for us in history, psychology, and sometimes in the very heart of the author’s idea.
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Cornering in the rain c

April 11th, 2017

Cornering in the rain can be tricky and dangerous. Shift as much of your weight on the outside pedal as possible. Use body English to keep the bike more upright when cornering. You may change the station when “How You Remind Me” comes on, but you probably know the words. That’s because Nickelback’s song was the top rock tune on Billboard’s chart for the decade. The band’s down tuned and much distorted pop rock has won it many fans as well as many detractors.

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We make eye contact

April 11th, 2017

We make eye contact. He tells me “What the fuck are you looking at?” All I said was “I’m not looking at you.” At this time he proceeded with the curse bombs, saying f’ing this, f’ing that. When he saw Kori looking at him, he called Kori a rat bastard.

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It takes time to move it around in your mouth it clings to the mouth and tongue you almost chew it,” Warner told the Express News in 2012. LessEl Rey Chocolate Silk Custard from Two Step Restaurant CantinaWhy we’re sweet on it: This is no sugary chocolate bomb. Instead, it’s rich, gooey and chocolaty but not too sweet, with a ganache topping.

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Did you know that 90%

April 11th, 2017

Did you know that 90% of the world’s freight is delivered using shipping containers? That’s a lot of shipping containers! Although shipping containers come in a variety of sizes, the most common one by far is the Standard Forty Foot Shipping Container (FEU). Inside a typical 40ft shipping container you will find a maximum capacity of 2261 cubic feet. To figure out the number of cats that would fit inside we first have to divide the volume of the shipping container by the volume of a cat.

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Lee Goldstein of Harvard Medical School will describe evidence that optical tests can detect the signs of Alzheimer’s disease in the eye even before symptoms appear in the brain. The same beta amyloid proteins that are the hallmark of the disease have been found in rare cataracts in the eye. Non invasive bio optical laser technology developed by Goldstein and his colleagues is being clinically tested to detect the cataracts and confirm the presence of the proteins.

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While many women believe

April 11th, 2017

While many women believe that ab toning exercises after c section are useless, that actually isn’t the case. Though many women find themselves with the mother’s apron’ that comes from having a cesarean section, there are ways that you can start to shrink this area and get yourself back into shape. The trick is you have to do more than simply ab toning exercises after c section; you also need to diet, do some aerobic workouts in addition to the actual toning work.

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cheap ray bans Over a scary gospel choir of fire baptized wailing, Ronnie intones: “They say a holy war is comin’/Gonna be the end of mortal man/ Got the TV preachers saying Armageddon is at hand. ” Since he seems to be quoting television transcripts, his own POV remains ambiguous until he sings: “False prophets lead while the blind sheep they follow/A path to damnation with no future, no tomorrow.” Stepping away from their previous noncommittal stance, B finally take a position against religious bigotry taking to task the church leaders closest to home. It remains to be seen how much flak they’ll catch for it soft on “the Jews, the gays, the junkies/the politicians, the infidels” isn’t exactly on the Republicans’ main agenda. But thus far, country radio has pushed the album and its title track to No cheap ray bans.
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There’s nothing new or scandalous about any of this. It’s what happens. But as I’ve been writing about the importance of provenance in selling wine especially expensive wine and I can feel a vibe from the lasses’ camp that I’m mansplaining, best get this clarification sorted.

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As fans waited for Rihanna to perform, Martin who had just performed came back onstage to stall. He sang Prince’s “Raspberry Beret” while strumming the guitar, and freestyled new lyrics about why Rihanna was late, which earned laughs and applause from the crowd. He joked that the singer was doing her makeup and said he would perform the Prince song again..

Cheap Jerseys china Claudio Gutierrez and his girlfriend Courtney Case opened the business in 2012. Opening a family business had always been a dream for Gutierrez, and while he had original plans to buy an old bakery in Lexington, Ky., he decided to stay in the Cincinnati area when the building formerly known as Sue’s Deli in Covington went up for sale. Gutierrez currently lives in Mexico, but the business is still run by Case and Gutierrez’s relatives Cheap Jerseys china.
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Yesterday it struck me just how much my have changed since becoming a mom. It a function of time or lack of it that has turned my upside down. While sitting in the carpool line (because that where we all do our best thinking, right?) I challenged myself to name the top 5 things I couldn live without these days (which stretched into seven things):.

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pandora rings For that I forever grateful. Thank you so much. I pour this next cup of coffee in honor your freedom of speech to share this instructable.. In fact, the roots of the tragedy are historical. For centuries Burma’s western borders were fluid. Under British rule, the country was for a long time part of the Indian Empire. pandora rings

pandora necklaces And when touching Batman he can also see through his eyes and maybe have a chance to learn of the secret identity, unless someone else bumps into him making him lose contact. I seeing a pattern with the villains though, (although this is a bit of a pattern in all batman villians, but more specifically the Nolan Villians): they all either represent a facet of Batman character (Scarecrow: fear and psychological intimidation; Ra al Ghul: martial equivalent and very similar characteristics, except with conflicting goals), or contrast him (Joker: flashy, chaotic, represents glee in a very black comedic sense; Two face: Gotham “white knight”). I can guess from this that Hush would be a good villain, or even if they were to go for something with more name recognition, they could go with the Penguin, but I think Hush would work better pandora necklaces.

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I agree with you that someone who wants to be a journalist wants to know everything about everyone, but I also think true journalists can also have specific interests. For example I sure there are journalists who are interested in politics more than anything else. There are also fashion journalists who like to spend their journo years writing about fashion, instead of politics, or deaths.

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